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How to accelerate metabolism: 3 main rules

If you want to remain slender, without resorting to diets, it is worth thinking how to change a habitual way of life and to make active a metabolism. To accelerate metabolism, it is necessary to follow three most important rules. The Medicine 2.0" writes about it ".

1. Eat correctly

do not miss a breakfast. Surely you watch receiving enough protein. Optimum quantity - 35 grams.

Drink enough water. If there is not enough liquid, the organism processes less calories.

As absurdly it sounds, the strict diet can slow down a metabolism for 20% too. When calories are not enough, the organism switches over to the "emergency" mode, trying to survive in a stressful situation and to make as much as possible stocks on the future.

Reconsider a diet. Many are sure that fractional food intensifies metabolism, but actually universal recipe does not exist. For someone fractional food (5-6 times a day, small portions) really is effective. But there are also those who cannot sensibly estimate serving size and at such approach eats too much. In this case whatever active was your metabolism, all of you will equally gain weight. For someone, on the contrary, three meals a day are beyond the power: breaks between meals too big, and hunger becomes such strong that forces to overeat. Try to experiment

to find the optimum mode. You watch feeling of hunger during the day, keep the diary of food. You bring in it all dishes and drinks. It will allow you to estimate adequately the volume of the absorbed calories and to build the plan of food for the future.

2. Move correctly Begin with

morning with charging. Surely find time for a training till a breakfast!. Being engaged before food, it is possible to burn 20% more calories. Begin with power exercises (ideally 15 minutes), and then you pass to cardio-loading (20 more minutes). Such sequence appears the most effective in fight against fatty deposits and helps to accelerate metabolism. Arrange to

walk in the middle of the day. Walk to the nearest post office or just take several detours on office parking. It is not obligatory to hurry - half-hour walk with an average speed of 3-4 km/h will allow you to burn 100 calories and to lighten the mood.

Move more during the day. There is a simple example: if you within an hour answer calls, sitting at a desktop, you will spend 15 kcal. But if you talk standing, then will spend already 100 kcal! Physicians call such approach unsportsmanlike physical activity. On closer examination it turns out that carrying out commonplaces, you can burn up to 800 additional calories a day, having just risen from a chair. Some receptions of unsportsmanlike physical activity are well familiar to all: refuse the elevator and walk upstairs instead of sending to the colleague the e-mail, get up and pass in the next office, pass on foot



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