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How many Ukraine will pay to return itself Scythian gold

On June 11 it will be known whether Scythian gold which now illegally is in the Netherlands will return to Ukraine. At a press conference the Minister of Culture of Ukraine Evgeny Nishchuk reported about it on March 15. the Court of Amsterdam began on March 11 with

consideration of the appeal of the museums of the occupied Crimea according to the decision on return to the territory of Ukraine of Scythian gold. Representatives of the Ministry of Justice, culture, internal affairs and employees of the museum of history of Ukraine protected the property of the country.

"Our position in court referred to the convention of UNESCO of 1970 and to international law. If at the time of occupation of the Crimea the collection returns to the Crimean museum, then under the threat there will be its integrity. We understand that she automatically would go not to the museum, and to Russia. The court reported that on June 11 - date of decision, but it can change", - Evgeny Nishchuk, the Minister of Culture of Ukraine commented.

according to him, the Russian side in trial was not. However, representatives of the Crimean museums had the pro-Russian position, calling the Crimea the certain state. The Netherlands takes a neutral position, relying only on the judgment. "Now we trace

that the purpose of representatives of the Crimean museums - to delay return of a collection to Kiev. However, their legal base is too weak to resist to us. If some of the parties the judgment, then the last opportunity - the Supreme Court of the Netherlands does not satisfy", - Svetlana Fomenko, the First Deputy Minister of Culture of Ukraine told.

the Museum Allarda Pearson through court obliges Ukraine to pay the bill for storage of a collection and to compensate the spent money for trials. The court of first instance partially granted their request. After the final decision of court and return of Scythian gold to Kiev, the state has to pay expenses for storage - 110 thousand euros. For today the sum fixed will also not change. By words Emin of Dzhaparova, the first deputy minister of information policy of Ukraine, the state will not submit the appeal, and completely will compensate means.

the Legal manager of a collection is the National museum of history of Ukraine. On return to the country in it Scythian gold is planned to be presented to the general public. we Will remind

that a collection appeared in the museum Allarda Pearson in 2014. While there took place the exhibition - Russia annexed the peninsula. Since then 19 exhibits among which there are a gold Scythian helmet and a sword remain carefully and protected in storages of the museum in the Netherlands.

Antonina Kartasheva.



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