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How many horses do you see here? And here that it speaks about you

Interesting test.

Many people love psychological tests and use them as a way to learn over which areas they should work.

Many companies use them for studying of personnel, check of their ability to perform a certain work, Enterate De Algo writes.

Many tests can reveal the new parties or dark secrets of your personality. very curious test is

U us. Would you like to learn a little more about yourself?

Everything that to you it is necessary, attentively to look at the image and to call quantity of horses whom you counted.

do not hurry!

do not worry because there is no correct answer. The test is based on perception. Just answer honestly and follow the intuition.

U you is already number?

you can know the result Now!

From one to four horses.

If you saw one horse, it means that you are that person who sees things globally. Perhaps, you just do not like to focus on details.

you believe that everything is a part of a whole and for this reason it works!

you the person who is able to visualize the purposes for this reason to achieve success for you is not difficulty.

you the person who likes to work in team and to listen to opinions of others because you know that they can help you to become better and grow up.

you absolutely clearly see many things, sometimes is even clearer than many.

From 5 to 10 horses.

If you considered from 5 to 10 horses, but no more, it means that you the person who takes things very seriously and in each situation gives all the best on full. you the person who tries to be a perfectionist you are responsible and very concentrated by

on the duties.

For this reason at you will never arise difficulties with achievement of the objects set by you. You are people which likes to plan and follow these plans. you are very sure by

of yourself, but it is not always good because sometimes you perceive things as self-evident.

But you do not allow circumstances to hurt you because you have enough energy to begin all over again. Remember that persistence - your best weapon.

of 11 horses or is more. If you found

11 or more horses, it means that you very observant person, and you can perceive things which others cannot do.

When it comes to work or other activity, you carry out tasks very carefully because you like perfection. No details escape you, especially, when you know that it will make result even better!

you love superiority and remember that time - money. Usually you invest them only in important things. you not from those who agree on "well" you always want to go beyond


your commitment to excellence made you a little uncertain because you always doubt that, what are you doing



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