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How for certain to be pleasant to men of different zodiac signs

We offer a special horoscope for all women which by all means will please them. And what can please everyone? Certainly, true love, mutual feelings and happiness in private life! For this reason we collected all expert opening in astrology and found out that male preferences can be shared conditionally into 4 groups, proceeding from elements of each Zodiac sign. So, we will begin.

If it is Fire (the Aries, Lev, the Sagittarius)

Representatives of the Aries, Lev and Strelts dream of the bright, obstinate, effective and seductive woman. With it it should not be a shame to be published and brag to friends. If she is disobedient, whimsical, quick-tempered, stubborn and has the opinion - she will forever win their heart. With her it will be always interesting to representatives of Fire.

Will be pleasant muzhchine-Ognyu not easy, but it is possible. It is only enough to make dizzy of it with the independence, determination and inaccessibility. But be ready: having fallen in love with you, it by all means will pull you with itself(himself) towards to adventures and hot adventures.

If it - Earth (the Taurus, the Maiden, the Capricorn) of

at representatives of elements of Earth is kindness and sincerity on the first place. If you are among practical, decent, economic and sensitive women, then to you definitely on the way with the Taurus, the Maiden or the Capricorn. The ability is tasty to feed and keep the house clean is welcomed. But at the same time the ideal companion muzhchiny-Zemli has to and itself it is quite good to earn - less, than it, and it is rather even for show, - but that in a critical situation there was an opportunity to give material support to the elect. To fascinate the Taurus, the Maiden or the Capricorn it is possible if to combine in itself qualities of the skillful hostess and the ardent mistress. Such men adore comfort and women's society, but rough love games are simply necessary for them for maintenance of motivation.

If it is Air (Twins, Scales, Aquarius)

In a case with Twins, Scales and Aquarius everything is simply - they look for the attractive woman with bright appearance and lively wit. High IQ and an interesting hobby is considered an indispensable condition. The woman of a dream has to be open for communication, radiate optimism and cheerfulness. To air men it is important that their companion suggested them the fresh ideas, possessed tons of useful information, reported interesting news, supported small talk, was able to listen and was light on the feet. It is very difficult to be pleasant to representatives of air elements as their purposes and priorities often change. You will need to be engaged constantly in self-development, to be the focus of attention and epicenter of events to hold such man. The fear of new and novel can be a serious problem which will prevent to find balance of interests and to construct the harmonious relations.

If it - Water (Cancer, the Scorpion, Fishes)

Sensual, romantic and emotional representatives of water elements very much need the gentle, tender and careful woman. It is pleasant to them when someone operates them when feel sorry for them, are able to understand and feel without words



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