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House day in the Czech Republic: Victoria pulls out a victory at Banik

In matches of the Saturday program of the 28th tour of the first Czech league four victories were won by owners. Heaviest got three points the defending champion and the persecutor of Slavia - plzensky Victoria.

of Hozyaev in the 19th minute acquired the right for a penalty, however after viewing of video the arbitrator cancelled the decision. And a final five-minute of the first half of team exchanged goals. And, at first Stronati brought guests forward. The outcome of a meeting was turned by Jean-David Bogueyl in five minutes until the end of the second half which left the partners the compensated minutes in minority. Ostravyan lost the fifth time in the last seven rounds and remain the fifth and, most likely, will keep the place in the first six which at the second stage will define the champion and places in Euro cups.

Opava won the second spring victory and to two points reduced backlog from the tenth to "Greenhouse". "Sigma", on the other hand, suffered the second defeat in the last eight matches and there was the seventh.

This match judged Jan Adamkov who served a match of the first Czech league for the second time in the life and for the first time after the 16th tour in which Olomouc was lost by "Mlade Boleslav" with the score 0:4. To it from women only Dagmar Damkova judged matches of the championship of the Czech Republic. 2018-19, Championship of the Czech Republic Game day: 2019-04-13

Victoria - Banik of 2:1 (1:1)

Goals: Stronati, 40 (0:1); Choruses, 45 (1:1); Bogeyl, 85 (2:1)

of Removal: Bogeyl, 90 (the second prevention)

of Slovatsko - Prshibram of 2:0 (1:0)

Goals: Zaits, 7 (1:0); Hoffmann S., 52 (2:0)

Opava is "Sigma" of 2:1 (1:1)

Goals: Yursa, 16 (1:0); Plshek, 44 (1:1); Pitch, 84 (2:1)

Karvina - Zlin of 2:0 (1:0)

Goals: Wagner T., 2 (1:0); Budinski, 81 (2:0)



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