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Hot vacancy: it is necessary to go on the world and all the time to drink gin!

And to get paid for it.

upset you what you can't drink at work? Then this vacancy for you. The suitable candidate and his friend for choice will have an opportunity to travel all over the world, to drink gin and will even get paid for it, Delish writes.

Mr Company. Fogg and the manufacturer of Bombay Sapphire gin, look for the candidate who understands gin, is able to write and photograph because the winner should have social networks and the blog.

of Employers has inspired the novel by Jules Verne "Round the world in 80 days" therefore the winner, most likely, will travel around the same route, as Fileas Fogg. All this time he will have to wear the Victorian dress.

Though exact places haven't been announced yet, in the press release it is noted that winners can go anywhere: from Mumbai to Hong Kong, from Tokyo to San Francisco or from New York to Lisbon". Expenses on air tickets, accommodation and binge are paid by the companies.

Besides acquaintance to new places, Bombay Sapphire has organized entertainment worth about 10 000 dollars which includes visit of the best bars in the world for the won couple.

However winners will drink not just cocktails - they will have to do own. It is entrusted to them to collect herbs and spices that from them to make Round the world cocktail which will be presented in Mr bars. Fogg. with

to get chance to win, fill this form till August 27, and wait for the answer since the end of August on November of this year. Ah yes, still find the friend - the fan of gin.

of Fia Mont.



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