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HIV can kill with immune system! The first medicine already appeared

HIV can kill with immune system! The first medicine already appeared
It is safely.

Scientific of UNC and the National health care system of children proved safety of an immunotherapy at patients with HIV. They will receive 4 million dollars year within 5 years from GlaxoSmithKline to create the first HIV medicine, Daily Mail writes.

the Plan consists in bringing the "idle" HIV out of the shelter, and then to kill him with own T-cells of the patient which were increased in laboratory.

Test of the first phase is an early, but important milestone for team in the University of North Carolina in Chapel-Hilla who received a grant of 20 million dollars to realize the ideas.

B the last few years an immunotherapy which trains the immune system of the person for independent fight against a disease became the main, and now is used for treatment of a set of states, from cancer to a blindness.

Nevertheless, scientists are careful, when it comes to HIV because attempts of the last 20 years to cure a virus by transplantation of marrow of the donor, were deadly in all, except one person.

In the research published by the Cell Reports magazine, the team from Northern Carolina for the first time confirmed the hopes: the immunotherapy can be appointed to HIV-positive patients without real risk of failure and death. "We think that we will be able to reproduce results of the Berlin patient (the only person who was cured of HIV infection), but on a stage-by-stage trajectory it will take some time", - Dr. David Margolis, the senior coauthor of new article told. Test of phase 1 is an early, but important milestone for team in the University of North Carolina in Chapel-Hilla who received a grant of 20 million dollars to realize the ideas
Why still it worked only once?

the Only person who ever recovered from HIV was the American by the name of Timothy Brown widely famous as "the Berlin patient" as it was cured in Berlin in 2007. Brown already had a HIV when made it the diagnosis leukemia which it is possible to treat only transplantation of marrow.

Transplantation of marrow, as a rule, is a last resort as there is a great risk of death from fight of immune system of the person against the implanted marrow. But Brown also had no

other options. As soon as he agreed, his doctor suggested to try to choose the donor who had genes steady against HIV. At that time it was rather an attempt to protect it, but not to cure it.

Not only that Brown endured operation and got rid of leukemia, it also did not have signs of a human immunodeficiency virus.

News shook medical community, having assumed that it can be the end of HIV/AIDS. However attempts to repeat an experiment were failure.

In the report published by the New England Journal of Medicine magazine in 2014 is described six attempts of treatment



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