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History of the man who received 10 years of prison for mockeries at a dog

Not for the faint-hearted.

Sometimes justice demands time, and sometimes it also does not come. Unfortunately, we got used to injustice and to the offenders avoiding the punishment writes Upsocl. Now it seems to

practically norm, kind of it was not sad about it to speak.

However sometimes happen things which return us hope and belief in the best: five years ago Kia, a pit bull terrier, died as a result of ill treatment from her owner. This year her torturer incurred deserved punishment.

Radoslav Chzerkavski is the man who paid for the actions.

found fractures, chipped wounds in eyes, a skull, a backbone, language In Kia and even burns. But justice triumphed.

Kia's Case, a dog at whom Chzerkavski scoffed, had a huge impact on society. The man stopped it dying on the street.

of the Wound on all body and the head forced it to think that she will not survive any more. And it happened: in spite of the fact that it was found soon and brought to the center of emergency aid, the condition of a dog forced doctors to lull her.

It was five years ago. Yes, there passed a lot of time, but the truth that it is not important: after investigation and the corresponding trials, at last, Chzerkavski was sentenced to 10 years of imprisonment!

Also forbade to approach, contact and take the torturer to themselves animals on for the rest of the life.

of the Fleecer was accused of 12 cases of cruelty to animals. We hope that these ten years will pass for it very long and painfully because the one who is capable of it deserves similar sufferings.

of Mary Ni, the president of League of the help to animal (ARL), told that the sentence which was received by the man will become history because it opens doors for toughening of sanctions and creation of the appropriate law on protection of animals. "Today there was a historical day for Massachusetts. Thanks to Radoslav Chzerkavski's sentence people will see that those who are tough to animals (and in this case it is extremely cruel) will bear responsibility for the actions", - Ni told. Besides, the man was deported to Poland where he also was born. There he will also serve the sentence. do you agree

A with such punishment for fleecers?

of Christina Zvarych.



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