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History of the first female astronomer, which? has trampled? crowd of Christians

History of the first female astronomer, which? has trampled? crowd of Christians
For what have killed to Ipati Aleksandriyskuyu?

Opposition between science and religion turned great scientists into martyrs because of originality of their ideas and adherence to principles of a position more than once.

of One of such martyrs became Ipati, the pagan female philosopher who is cruelly destroyed by orthodox residents of Alexandria. She was born

about 370 AD and was a daughter of Theon Aleksandriysky belonging to number of scientists of the Alexandria school, Cultura Colectiva tells. The father, as it quite often happens, loved the daughter and has given her excellent education and also has transferred to the successor all the store of knowledge. In any case about 400 AD at the age of about thirty years Gipatiya has occupied with

department of philosophy, began to teach Platon and Aristotle's philosophy, mathematics, was engaged in drawing up astronomical tables.

over time it became skholarkhy (that is the head) the Alexandria school of Neoplatonism.

Among her pupils were many prominent politicians, public figures and ecclesiastics.

at the beginning of the 5th century in Alexandria existed a sharp public religious-based dispute between Christians, pagans and Jews. Confrontation sometimes developed into bloodshed. One of such cases has given a reason to the Christian bishop Kirill to expel from Alexandria Jews (for massacre of Christians).

of Gipatiya took part in the Alexandria urban policy, and had influence on the mayor - the prefect Orestes.

Is a circumstance caused continuous tensions with the bishop Kirill who with Orestes had disagreements. Feofil's nephew Kirill became a patriarch after intense struggle with other candidate - Timofey.

All city was divided into groups. After the victory Kirill began to deal shortly with opposition. Orestes has protected one of groups that has set by the ears Kirill with Orestes. Behind Orestes there was an influential part of the Alexandria city nobility. the Bishop began to consider

to Ipati the enemy capable to threaten the ideas of Christianity.

I has made everything in order that against Ipati the wave of charges of sorcery has risen, and that she bewitches Orestes and sends him to the politician. His purpose was to get rid of it. "The clergy of her time couldn't forgive Gipatiya in any way that she was beautiful, but is modest; that she was much more educated, than they, wasn't stale to laymen and enjoyed great confidence of civil magistrate which the clergy of that time tried to push aside or suppress, having tidied up in the hands". The city has appeared in the power of small fighting groups, one of which were parabalana - monks from the Egyptian desert, the translation "bathhouse attendants" or hospital attendants who buried the dead from diseases to catch and take death for Christ.

B 415 to year group of parabalan, supporters of the bishop Kirill, has attacked on Ipati.

They have pulled down it from a stretcher and have dragged to the church called Kesarion, then, having bared her, have beaten stones and have killed oyster sinks, and have demolished a body on m



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