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Here what will be with your body if you begin to eat porridge every morning

Scientific proofs. whether

Thought you of why porridge to us is recommended to use every morning? Today we will open to you this secret, you learn why porridge is the most useful and nutritious breakfast around the world, Porque No Seme Ocurrio writes.

Here 9 main useful qualities of oat flakes:

1) Porridge promotes clarification of an organism from toxins and other harmful substances. Food fibers in porridge delete fatty deposits which accumulate on walls of arteries.

It helps to prevent development of cardiovascular diseases and to reduce cholesterol level.

2) Porridge promotes decrease in sugar in blood. It surely should be included in a diet that who has faced this problem. Consumption of porridge improves digestion of starch and helps to stabilize sugar level from the very first meal.

3) Consumption of porridge improves digestion: she reduces amount of bilious acids. It facilitates passing of food across the intestinal highway, so - you won't be disturbed by locks.

4) Porridge prevents development of cancer: according to numerous researches, oats thanks to the unique structure are really capable to protect an organism from development of cancer tumors.

Daily consumption of porridge reduces risk of developing of a breast cancer and also a colon cancer by the whole 10%.

5) Porridge is useful to a cardiac muscle. All because of high content in Omega-3 porridge of fatty acids and linolenic acid. The last helps to reduce the level of harmful cholesterol.

6) Porridge is useful to normal functioning of the central nervous system. All thanks to existence as a part of porridge of vitamins of group B which support and counterbalance our nervous system.

7) Porridge helps to struggle with osteoporosis. This useful porridge also contains the necessary level of calcium. It prevents demineralization of an organism and maintains health of bones.

8) Consumption of porridge helps to lose excess weight. For this purpose eat porridge on an empty stomach during a breakfast, filling porridge with usual or soy milk, juice or nuts.

9) Porridge - an inexhaustible power source. For this reason it is recommended to be used for breakfast or at least in the forenoon. It will load you with energy before the following meal. Porridge is especially useful to workers of brainwork.

Now when you know about all useful properties of porridge, surely include it in the diet! Good luck!

Victor Sibibel.



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