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Here what happens to your unused soap when you leave hotel

Here what happens to your unused soap when you leave hotel

you sometime thought what occurs with half used (or even just open) bar of hotel soap which you leave in the number?

Most likely this last what you would think of, leaving hotel, Simplemost writes.

In the United States is thrown out about one million bars of soap a day. This number increases approximately up to 5 million bars a day if to consider hotels around the world. And one charitable organization tries to make this soap useful again!

What happens to everything that remained in hotel? the Company under the name Clean The World collects by

hotel soap, disinfects him, melts and again puts him on use! They have centers in Orlando, Las Vegas, Montreal and also in India and Hong Kong.

the Company has been based by Sean Sepler who traveled around work nearly five months every year earlier. One night he has asked administration of hotel that he will be with his almost untouched soap which he used only once. "I have called on a front desk and have asked what they do with soap when guests leave", he said. The hotel has told him the truth: throw out. whether

It is worth worrying about soap reuse?

As Sepler continued to study technology of processing of soap, he has begun to penetrate also into other questions. Actually, he has found out that thousands of children around the world daily die of diseases which reason the World Health Organization called lack of soap!

has So appeared the company. Now hotels can cooperate with her.

They also process shampoos, conditioners and shower gels, and then distribute them in shelters for the homeless worldwide.

of Clean The World provides everything, beginning from loading of materials and finishing with training of service personnel.

I so far their work has huge value. Only last year they have dispatched enormous 400 000 sets of hygienic means and have made more than 7 million bars of the processed soap.

Other organizations dealing with the same issue.

Seypler not the only person who has paid attention to this wasteful problem and has found the solution.

Samir Lakhani has created Eco-Soap Bank, the organization which collects the used soap bars, disinfects them and sends to the countries worldwide in which this soap isn't enough.

of Sundara - one more organization which processes soap and gives employment opportunities to women in the countries in Third World countries. The organization attracts them for a role of "ambassadors of hygiene", to dissemination of knowledge about importance of soap and hygiene in the communities.

A you don't throw out soap any more?

of Christina Zvarych.



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