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Here that it is necessary to drink before going to bed well to have a rest

Two minutes - and sound sleep is provided!

you Suffer insomnia and you feel broken? Propolis will help to cope with problems.

is Enough to add 12 drops of tincture of propolis on a half-glass of milk. It is necessary to drink just before a dream. The therapist Lidiya Fesioru has shared this recipe, doctor László on the website writes.

Krom of improvement of a dream, tincture will help to cope with problems of a pancreas and all digestive tract.

by means of simple products can improve a condition of blood, to warn thrombosis.

for this purpose connect 5 crushed nuts, a honey spoon, a pinch of cinnamon and it is a little ginger and lime. Let's mix infuse 12 hours, and then take three times a day, for half an hour to food, on one tablespoon. Course - 1 month.

will help to cope With diabetes a burdock root.

is Enough to prepare broth: on 1 liter of hot water - 10 grams of the crushed burdock root. To insist 10 hours in a thermos, after to filter. A reception course - month.

A as often you resort to traditional medicine?

of Mart Oliynik.



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