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Here, as in the natural way you can get rid of a gray hair and return to hair dark color

Here we will tell how naturally to get rid of a gray hair and again vernuty color. A gray hair at early age becomes a common problem today. It is one of huge problems of youth because they spoil all beauty and appearance of the young man or woman. Those have passed days when a gray hair was a symbol of a maturity and an age factor, now you can see a gray hair at enough young people.

the Hormonal imbalance, pollution, use of severe products for hair, lack of healthy nutrition, smoking, a stress, the wrong way of life and genetic disorders are the main reasons for a premature gray hair. In the market there are many products for hair, such how hair-dyes, hair oil, etc. which claim that they solve a problem of a gray hair, but whether this is true?

We suggest to use natural and effective methods of treatment of hair:

1. Amla or Indian gooseberry:

of Aml - one of the best means for elimination of some problems with hair, such as dim hair, the split hair, a fine hair or a gray hair. Amla contains antioxidants and vitamin C which is rather effective for healthy head skin. You can use fresh or dry powder of an aml.

How to use: Take

a little coconut oil and heat him in a pan within several minutes. Add

1 tsps of powder of an aml and well mix within 5 minutes, then let's mix cool down.

Apply this oil to head skin and hair and well mass. Leave

on all night long, and wash out clear water in the morning, repeat this means twice a week.

2. Curry leaves:

of the Curry also work as excellent hair preparation, especially for disposal of a gray hair. You can also use leaves of a curry or powder of leaves of a curry that suits you. Melanin is an important factor for your hair which restores natural hair color, and leaves of a curry have such force to keep this factor that your hair didn't become gray-haired in the nearest future.

How to use: Take

from 10 to 12 leaves of a curry and you cook them with a quantity of coconut oil until leaves become soft.

let's them cool down Now and filter in bank, accurately apply this oil on hair and head skin and leave him for an hour, then wash out.

Repeat this process once a week.

3. Henna:

henna Powder is also magic means for healthy and black hair. You can crush the dried-up house henna leaves to receive small powder, or you can buy henna powder in the market.

How to use:

Mix a little powder of henna with powder of an aml, add a little juice of a lime and cottage cheese. Now apply this mix on hair, leave within 2-3 hours, then wash out.

you can also add coffee powder to mix.

you can also boil henna leaves, and then use



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