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Here an excellent way to protect the teenager from a trouble if he has phone

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Usual school day has ended on December 7, 2017 for the Kiev seventh-grader Maxim Chernikov is deplorable.

to Maxim 12 years. He actively does swimming and sports ballroom dances. The boy dreams to become the advertiser therefore in September I have passed from usual school into specialized lyceum.

But there at it weren't taken the relations with collective at once. Schoolmates scoffed at him all three months of training, but that fatal day have gone too far. Maxim tells: "Selected a bag, beat, were pushed, took backpacks and shifted things. After that I have run on the second floor. But they have found me there and have run. Nekrishevich has hit me with

on a shoulder, I was protected that they to me haven't got into the head. Nekrishevich has told children who stood there: "Depart!", and from all force I have hit me, I have flown away and have fallen". Maxim was taken away in a first-aid post - he complained of an acute pain in a back, a breast and heart, didn't feel legs. According to his grandmother, first aid hasn't been given the boy. From a first-aid post to him have called the ambulance.

Already in hospital have found hypostasis of a spinal cord and a bruise of a thorax. And in four days have made the final diagnosis - spinal fracture.

the boy is chained Since then to a hospital bed. Now he is waited by years of treatment and rehabilitation...

How to protect the child from similar horrors?

has thought of this problem American Bert Fulks, the father of the teenage son Danny. Fulks is a pastor and I have grown up in the house of the pastor; he knows how not easy grow in such atmosphere.

of Fulks trusts the son, but it was important for him that the son wasn't afraid to call him to the aid if it is required.

for this purpose Fulks has developed the original code which allows his son to send to the father SOS signal, without hesitating of reaction of people around.

This idea has come to Fulks to mind when he communicated with teenagers in rehabilitation clinics across all America. He tells: "Recently I have asked these children: "Did you have it that you have got to circumstances where something unpleasant begins to occur for you, but you don't leave because you don't see an exit?" All of them have raised hands". Fulks explains how his system works: For example, my younger son has gone to a party.

If to it for any reason becomes uncomfortable in this situation, it is enough to it to send a letter X to someone from us (mothers, me, the elder brother or the sister).

the recipient of SMS follows Further the simple protocol. In a few minutes he calls Danny. When that picks up the phone, there is the next conversation:

- Hallo?

- Danny, here something happened, I should take away you urgently.

- What happened?

- Then I will tell. Gather, I already go. Then Danny tells

to friends that houses something happened therefore now someone will arrive and will take away him. Most important: children have to know that they won't be punished for a situation from which want to run away.

of Fulks insists that for creation of trust



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