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Here all facts and subtleties about that from whom the intelligence is transferred to children

From mother or from the father?

If to speak about genetics in general, then it is necessary to recognize that this science knows about us much more, than ourselves! She studies laws of heredity, Kickassfacts tells. It allows mankind not only to struggle successfully with illnesses, but also to predetermine appearance and intelligence of the posterity.

Here several interesting facts from the world of genetics: The son will inherit mental abilities from mother, but not from the father. Even if the father doesn't shine with intelligence, for the son it is possible not to worry. But the daughter by all means will inherit a half of intellectual opportunities of the father. The son will inherit good intelligence in case mother has received it from the father. Thus, men on intellectual level remind the grandfathers. The daughter of the genius will be only half clever, but here her son will be a genius surely! Women often have high I.Q., but geniuses from them turn out much more less than from men. And round silly women too. Conclusions for women: Intellectually your son - the copy of your father! Your daughter on education and character will go to you, and on mind - to the father. Sons of your daughter will correspond completely to I.Q. of your husband! Conclusions for men: The intelligence of your son will be copied from the father of your wife. Your daughter will receive a half of your mind, but her son will be the full copy you on I.Q.! You have received your intelligence from mother, and she has got it from her father. It is worth remembering that also:

The is higher intelligence of the person, the he brings less children into world.

Two absolutely different persons genetically differ from each other for only 0,1%. Irrespective of a floor and race genetic material of all people coincides for 99,9%.

lived in Africa About 200 000 years ago the woman who was called "Mitochondrial Eve" and from whom the modern mankind has inherited mitochondrial DNA.

Conclusion: all people are brothers and if you want clever children, look for couple with clever parents!

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