Date: 4 weeks ago   Category: Sport

Hemp: "We fight for the nation, and we receive a pennant and thanks"

On them nobody put, and the youthful soccer national team of Ukraine (U20) sensationally won the World Cup. After the trip to the final to Lodz we decided to meet one of the best players of this team already in Kiev. Defender of Donetsk Shakhtar Efim Konoplya: about formation in adult soccer, dreams to play in Europe and the first disappointment after the meeting of champions of the house.

- After the victory in the final you told: "It is unknown how many has to pass time, day, two or week until understanding of the incident comes". Already you understand that became the world champion? - In the head the thought, of course, turns that I am a world champion, but on a situation surrounding and on everything that occurs - I expected much more just a little. Some agiotage, probably. As in other countries treat world champions: parades, salutes, fireworks. I expected something similar too, as well as all children. Perhaps because of it it is so strong and is not felt.

- What to you was told by houses who congratulated the first of family? - Parents, grandmothers, grandfathers and friends the closest. All told very pleasant things: are proud, love that not for nothing someone once taught me to something even in the yard. Children wrote with which I played soccer in 5-6 class.

- Four years ago Serbia won the youth World Cup and then in Belgrade for team organized smart celebration with thousands of fans. Share impressions of how you were met in Boryspil and near the Ukrainian association of soccer. - I think, between 50 thousand and 200-300 people the difference after all is. And that, at the airport the most part of those who met - relatives and journalists. I do not know how to comment on it, already everything happened. Then arrived to federation, it was pleasant that the bus was managed to be stuck is a work and we appreciate such moments. There already we were waited by the high-ranking guests, an official part. Distances badges, pennants also told many thanks.

Arrived Sergey Nazarovich Bubka. He still studied at my school. Even on one school desk the plate is "Here Sergey Nazarovich Bubka sat". When came into this class, always thought: "Here such would deliver to me! "

- Why in Serbia celebrated on a substantial scale, and at us here so? - Would not tell that in Ukraine at us do not love soccer. About 5-10 years ago, when I still was absolutely little, in each yard it was impossible to leave because all fields were occupied. And all is equal what covering: asphalt or filling brick. Now everything can be connected by

with political actions, with war which bothered with all order. Naturally all this broke the Ukrainian spirit. Many team was left by sponsors, and the Ukrainian soccer just became impoverished except for Shakhtar, Dynamo and several more teams.

- you came To an interview with a medal. Where you are going to store this treasure? - I will give Mame. She collects my medals. There is no special room, I not in solo sport as gymnastics or figure skating. Here awards are much less often won by the hardest work and done works



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