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Heartburn: what can't be done at all

Heartburn: what can't be done at all
The throwing of sour contents of a stomach in a gullet is the main reason for developing of heartburn. The stomach environment consisting of hydrochloric acid, quite aggressive, but mucous a stomach is reliably protected from her, and here the cover of a gullet is more sensitive. Therefore if sour contents get into a gullet, there are such unpleasant feelings as pain, discomfort and burning. Usually in a gullet protects a dense sphincter which is between a stomach and a gullet from hit of acidic environment, but quite often he doesn't cope with this task.

Heartburn can appear from behind a number of factors, for example, such as: pregnancy, inflammation of a gullet, reflux disease, gastritis, cholecystitis, stomach ulcer, allergy to food, etc. There are also external factors because of which there can be heartburn, such as: plentiful meal, excess weight, a dream after a meal, smoking, drug intake, consumption of spicy food, coffee, alcohol and. other

Some people get rid of the unpleasant feelings caused by heartburn, by means of soda, however, it is wrong, heartburn it is impossible to treat soda as it is possible to achieve absolutely boomerang effect. If you have noticed that attacks of heartburn began to repeat too often, then in this case it is necessary to address the gastroenterologist.

How to get rid of heartburn
In the modern world heartburn often provokes our image and lifestyle, a diet and day. Following simple rules, you can get rid of this unpleasant feeling. Eat

often, but gradually, don't clog the stomach with everything moreover and in large quantities;

Food shouldn't be too hot or very cold as it can cause irritation in a gullet; by

Choose only low-fat meat, a bird, fish. It is possible to choose from a garnish buckwheat or porridge, an omelet, low-fat cottage cheese, boiled (or steamed) vegetables, a little stale bread, tea with milk, dried fruits compote, dogrose decoction;

don't accept horizontal position and don't bend right after food; don't eat

for the night;

Try to sleep so that the upper body has been slightly raised;

Try not to use (or it is essential to reduce the use) the medicines irritating a gullet, for example, such as aspirin, баралгин, etc.

Observe a diet and be not fond of the products provoking heartburn, try to eat food in the small portions;

During the day drink alkaline still mineral water - it will help to extinguish "fire" in a stomach without harm for health. If you are pregnant with

, then you remember that heartburn for you - almost norm.

If you are among people who suffer from heartburn, so you most likely should reconsider the habits at all to refuse some of them. For example, smoking and love to tobacco, cigarettes, cigars, tubes, chewing or snuff tobacco also often lead to development of a reflux disease, and as a result and



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