Date: 7 months ago   Category: Hi-Tech

Hearing: on The Game Awards 2018 announce a new game about the Stranger

Creative Assembly is not going to do continuation of Alien: Isolation, however the Stranger all the same will glance on your computers and consoles. Key question only one: when?

20th of Century Fox registered the Alien trademark: Blackout which is intended for "disks with computer games and ON, in particular game ON". Besides, in September the 2018th the company began to create accounts in social networks with the name Alien: Blackout.

For example, on Twitter a game already wrote two messages and put one like, but we cannot get a more information: data are hidden from public eyes. Unless on an avatar the FoxNext logo is seen.

is a little conspirology Now. Hideo Kojima visited 20th Century Fox recently and as he likes to do it, posted photos from there. Official twitter of The Game Awards appeared in the comment under them and stated: "The world will change!" Worlds will change is a slogan of the future show.

Users of Network assume that thus organizers of TGA hinted at the announcement of Alien: Blackout. As far as it is the truth, we will find out next week: The Game Awards 2018 starts in the night of the 6th for December 7 at 04:30 Moscow time.

the New "big" game about the Stranger is not a secret at least since January the 2018th: then the FoxNext Games company declared that it prepares console shooter on this Universe ("console" in corporate language often means "consoles and PC").

A on The Game Awards 2018 in general promise the weightiest selection of premieres in the history of a show.



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