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Healthy hair and nails: the nutritionist called an important microcell for appearance

The expert told that she will longer help to keep youth and activity
for anybody not a secret that beauty goes from within therefore it is so important to saturate an organism with necessary amount of vitamins and minerals. They - guarantee of health and the blossoming appearance. The professional nutritionist Svetlana Fus called an important microcell for bones, nails and hair which will longer help to remain active and beautiful. In Instagram she listed the products rich with calcium.

First of all calcium is associated with construction material for teeth and bones. But not many it is aware that fibrillation, transfer of nervous impulses, muscular contraction also do not do without calcium participation.

Regular physical trainings, a diet rich with calcium in the childhood and youth promotes achievement of optimum bone weight and creates a good stock of its durability. It is an important contribution to the future, with age density of bones decreases, and it results in their fragility in old age.

At a lack of calcium of an organism worsens dental health and nails, hair become weak and fragile, there can be muscular spasms, tachycardia, insomnia develops, memory decreases. He also directly participates in work of endocrine glands (especially parathyroid), has anti-inflammatory effect, reduces manifestations of an allergy.

For normal exchange of this macrocell in an organism is important to receive enough calcium with food, but it is even more important, to know some features of digestion of calcium an organism.

From products of plant origin is acquired not all calcium as cellulose and phytin acid of plants reduces its absorption.

At long heat treatment passes organic calcium into inorganic and is acquired by an organism worse.

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