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Headache and migraine as diseases of a century

If you regularly feel a severe headache which is followed by a photophobia, nausea and even vomiting, perhaps, you have a migraine. It is one of the most widespread and heavy kinds of a headache. Why she arises also what with it to do?

What is migraine and why she arises

Distinctive feature of migraine - accurate localization. Pain concentrates in one of temples, in half of forehead, in an eye-socket, she can give to a jaw and a neck. Attacks can proceed up to 2-3 days, repeat every week or happen time year. the neurologist, Famous in Moscow, the manual therapist HE CLINICS Mikhail Korovkin marks out to

symptoms of headaches, the reasons and also 7 types of pains at which it is necessary to address the expert immediately. We won't repeat them here, it is enough to watch short video where the doctor with a 30-year experience displays everything on shelves.

Migraine is connected with the mechanism in deep layers of a brain which releases inflammatory substances around blood vessels and nerves, they also cause pain. The causes of a disease aren't always clear, it is possible to allocate factors which start this mechanism. The doctor Mikhail Korovkin tells about it in information roller.

you Shouldn't treat headaches carelessly. Migraine is rather artful: WHO refers it to risk factors of cerebral strokes (at pregnant women it raises by 16 times!). Unfortunately, see doctors only a half having migraine, and in this case the help of the expert is simply necessary.

Gravity of a disease is confirmed also that has delivered to WHO him on the 6th place in the research "Global Burden of Diseases, Injuries and Risk Factors" - in him has been counted how many years of life the person at various diseases loses. For example, if attacks happen 2 times a month, the person actually loses 2 years of active life.

Is opinion that the predisposition to migraine can genetically be transferred.

Who in a risk zone?

Most often attacks begin after puberty and proceed up to 65 years, and the disease peak, according to WHO researches, falls on 35-45 years. Most of patients - women, has migraine every fifth inhabitant of the planet (in the Far East this indicator is lowered, why while it is unknown). Men are steadier against a disease - only 6% are subject to a disease.

Suffer from it and children, but most often it at them abdominal (it is shown by belly-aches which can last till 72 o'clock) or retinalny (with disorder of sight, and symptoms between attacks pass), can be shown as short-term dizziness. The head at the same time hurts not always therefore parents don't even assume that it is necessary to address the neurologist. And in the future the disease can develop into full-fledged attacks. Therefore if to the child regularly it becomes bad, it is necessary to undergo full inspection.

When is time to see a doctor
Besides specific pain, migraine соп



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