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Head of cyberpolice of Ukraine: There are attempts "to test" the attacks the website of the CEC

Hackers try to test servers and the systems of the Central Election Commission (CEC). In the interview of ZN.UA published on March 15 the head of department of cyberpolice of National police Sergey Demedyuk reported about it.

"According to us, hacker groups, in particular such as Fancy Bear, The Shadow Brokers and other, concerning Russia, on the eve of elections became more active in our cyberspace. Even more often we fix mass distribution of the modified harmful software which they already used during attacks on objects of critical infrastructure and also new, which earlier we did not face", - he told.

according to the head of cyberpolice, everything indicates that hackers "try in any way to get access to networks of public authorities".

"Is attempts "to test" the attacks the website of the CEC and to obtain information on its internal network. We fix at the closed forums it is a lot of orders for obtaining relevant databases including databases of our voters, but meanwhile we do not possess information that someone from customers received the desirable", - Demedyuk emphasized.

It noted that only for the last week became the purpose of cyber attacks the Ministry of Agricultural Policy and Food, the Ministry of Justice, courts.

"Generally, underwent recently the system attacks all central executive authorities, in particular and those that are under protection of Gosspetssvyaz. The purpose - to get into their network. However we did not find the successful attacks", - Demedyuk told.

Presidential elections in Ukraine are appointed to March 31, 2019. The election campaign started on December 31, 2018.

on January 24 the head of Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine Egor Bozhok said that Russia allocated to intelligence agencies $350 million for intervention in the Ukrainian elections in 2019.



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