Date: 8 months ago   Category: Health

Having exempted the life from 13 unnecessary things

1. Be exempted from requirement always to prove the case.

Among us is a lot of those who even under the threat of a rupture of the fine relations, hurting and causing a stress, can't reconcile and accept other point of view. It doesn't cost that.

2. Stop to control everything.

Be ready to refuse need to constantly control everything that happens to you: situations, events, people, etc. Whether it be the family, relatives, colleagues or strangers on the street - just allow them to be such what they are.

3. Stop to shift fault. Be exempted by

from the need to accuse others for what you possess or you don't possess, for what you feel or you don't feel. Stop to spray the energy and take full responsibility for the life.

4. Stop a negative conversation with yourself.

As many people do harm to themselves only because allow negative thoughts and emotions to operate their life. Don't trust everything that tells your logical judicious mind. You it is better, and are capable on bigger, than you consider.

5. Stop complaining. Be exempted by

from the constant need to complain of a set of things: people, situations, events which make you unfortunate, sad and suppressed. Nobody can make you unfortunate, no situation can upset you. Not the situation causes in you these or those feelings.

6. Refuse criticism.

Stop to criticize people who are other than you, and events which don't meet your expectations. All people different.

7. Be exempted from the need to make an impression on others.

Stop to pretend to be and be that whom you aren't actually. Unmask, accept and fall in love true with
8. Stop to resist changes.

of Change - it is normal, they are necessary to move from point A to point B. Changes help to change both our life, and life of people around to the best.

9. Don't label.

Stop to label people and events about which you don't know or just you don't understand. Gradually open consciousness for new.

10. Release the past. we Know

, it is difficult. Especially, when the past is pleasant more, than real, and the future frightens a little. But you need to accept the fact that the present - all this that you have.

11. Be exempted from fears.

Fear is only illusion, he doesn't exist, you have created him. All this in your mind. Change the internal relation, and external will rise on the places.

12. Stop to justify.

Expose justifications and send them to pension. Most often we limit ourselves because of a set of justifications.

13. Stop to live life expectations of other people.

Too many people lead life which doesn't belong to them. They live life according to what others consider the best for them, they do that expect them from them roditet



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