Date: 10 months ago   Category: Economy

Have brought $6 billion in a month out of the Russian banks

Outflow of currency from the Russian banking system has accelerated again, Raiffeisenbank reports in the review.

For August corporate clients have removed from accounts 4,9 billion dollars - 60% more, than in July (3 billion).

Partially money have left on repayment of an external debt which refinancing has de facto stopped because of the fueled tension with the West. According to the schedule of the Central Bank, the companies and banks it was necessary to pay 3,1 billion dollars.

Some clients could bring means out of banks of the Russian Federation, moving them to cash or to foreign jurisdictions, "on fears of introduction against them tough sanctions", including the ban on dollar calculations, Raiffeisenbank notes.

of the Statement of the head of VTB Andrey Kostin that dollar deposits can be converted into rubles have frightened the population meanwhile.

of the Natural person have joined corporations and have withdrawn 1,1 billion dollars from account. 600 million more dollars have removed from deposits in Russia foreign banks.

Totally on credito-deposit operations from a banking system has flowed away 6,4 billion dollars, at a number of participants of a banking system "the acute shortage of currency liquidity has resulted", it is told in the review of Raiffeisenbank.

was necessary to Compensate him at the expense of reserves of the Central Bank of Russia: at the beginning of September the regulator filled in in a banking system 2,6 billion dollars through swap transactions, the sum almost record in the history.

to cover outflow of currency, banks have continued to devastate own accounts and deposits abroad from which 2,8 billion dollars have been withdrawn.

"Other 2,3 billion dollars of outflow have covered banks at the expense of ruble means", - Raiffeisenbank notes: rubles were converted into currency in the market, strengthening pressure upon a course.

Stocks of free currency in a banking system have decreased to 300 million dollars - so own reserves in the form of liquid assets and foreign accounts exceeded obligations to clients.



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