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Has presented to Renault the robotic van for delivery of goods

At the International exhibition of commercial transport in Hanover the world premiere of a concept of Renault EZ-Pro - "premium robo - the vehicle", the off-line control equipped with systems was held.

Basic purpose of Renault EZ-Pro - delivery of goods "on the last mile" in various spheres. "Renault EZ-Pro shows our vision of delivery of the last mile integrated with an ecosystem of the clever cities of tomorrow and needs of professionals. This concept is a decision which will allow to unblock uncountable opportunities for our various partners, for example, of DPD Group, Lomi Coffee, Piper-Heidsieck and Patrick Roger", - the senior vice-president for production of light commercial vehicles of concern Ashvani Gupta has told.

Unlike the similar systems of other car makers and startups, is provided the place for the operator-concierge who will control delivery of goods in a cabin of EZ-Pro, to plan routes and to represent services of "bonus" delivery, that is to transfer to recipients fragile objects.

As were explained by authors, the pilotless cargo adjusted modules will follow one after another, or to move independently. It will allow to use EZ-Pro for transportation of freights in retail retail chain stores, at the enterprises and for delivery of goods to clients. At the same time on one platform freights of different types and different customers can be transported that will allow to lower costs of transportations and to increase system productivity. Each customer will be able to choose by

the place, convenient for him, and time of delivery and also delivery of a parcel by the concierge or an opportunity to independently take away her from "a left-luggage office on wheels", access to which opens through the application on the smartphone at any time. Besides, clients will be able to control delivery in real time.

according to authors of the project, use of Renault EZ-Pro will allow to reduce number of vehicles on roads to rush hour and to reduce the traffic jams arising because of nonprofessional drivers or incorrectly parked cars. It will be promoted also by connection of the robo-vehicle to city infrastructures, such as traffic lights and control center of traffic.

Source: Renault.




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