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Has presented to Harley-Davidson motorcycles 2019 of model year

2019 model years the pauer-cruiser of Harley-Davidson of FXDR 114 became the main novelty.

of FXDR 114 is a pauer-cruiser with the powerful Milwaukee-Eight 114 engine. The motorcycle has received the new aluminum pendulum of a back pendant, the aluminum stretcher, light-alloy wheels and composite wings allowing to improve as much as possible dynamics and controllability. The strong and rigid Softail chassis with components of a pendant of a premium class give the chance to the motorcycle to show high maneuverability on bends of suburban highways and in city traffic jams: at FXDR 114 bigger angle of heel, than at any other model of the Softail family.

Sports character of the FXDR 114 model gives design in style of dragsters - the motorcycles intended for races on direct short distances: the low fairing, the shortened back wing and a saddle - solo. The shape of a back wing emphasizes massiveness of the 240-mm back tire. It fastens to elements of a pendant and moves together with a wheel and therefore it is almost imperceptible when FXDR 114 is in the movement.

of Updating have also concerned the Touring, Trike and
families the New information and entertaining Boom system! Box GTS is developed especially for motorcycles, and supports CarPlay Apple technology and recognition of the speech. On the design, the principle of action and functionality doesn't concede to the latest smartphones and tablets, but at the same time differs in high reliability.

the New Reflex Linked brake system on the three of Harley-Davidson Tri-Glide Ultra and Freewheeler includes the anti-lock braking system (ABS), protivobuksovochny system (TCS), the system of course stability (DSCS) and electronic function of dynamic distribution of brake effort between lobbies and back brake mechanisms now.

New components of a pendant of a premium class for the Harley-Davidson Touring motorcycles significantly increase smoothness of the course of Tri-Glide Ultra and Freewheeler 2019 and give the chance of simple adjustment of a pretightness of the shock-absorber. The separate Harley-Davidson Touring and Trike 2019 motorcycles of model year will be equipped with the Milwaukee-Eight 114 engine. It is the most powerful and volume engine installed on production motorcycles of Harley-Davidson with good dynamics.

of CVO the Harley-Davodson motorcycles have received the powerful Milwaukee-Eight 117 engine, and the new information and entertaining Boom system! Box GTS which is included in the basic package of all CVO 2019 motorcycles of model year. "Innovative approach is characteristic of all new production of Harley-Davidson which we offer in 2019 model year", - the vice-president of Harley-Davidson for marketing comments on Heather Malenshek novelty. "The unique design, the best technologies and operational characteristics are designed to inspire admirers of a brand and new generation of riders to find true freedom which is given by driving the motorcycle".



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