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Hard drives: we choose together

Installation of programs or games, loading of music or movies, creation of documents and other files - all this will demand the place on your computer. The free space for storage doesn't disturb, the equipment new so far.

there won't be enough megabytes for novelties over time - it is necessary to delete old files. But there is a fine exit - to expand possibilities of the computer with addition of the internal hard drive for storage of files, programs, entertaining collections, installation of an operating system. Correctly to choose the store HDD the main requirements to the device are presented in the catalog:

As work stores?

Hard drives store information, manipulating magnetic fields over a moving surface of a disk with a magnetic covering. The principle for data storage reminds tape recorders or videorecorders. Each separate disk element in the rigid store is called a plate. The drive rotates plates with a speed from 5400 to 15 000 revolutions per minute. Big HDD include several plates and use both parties of each element for storage.

That such RPM on the hard drive?

Disks rotate in the store - the speed is higher, the information is processed quicker. RPM of the hard drive is the specification which measures his speed in a minute. The ideal device has 7200 rpm or above, but for usual work the speed of 5400 rpm is considered sufficient. Everything depends on the software. Upon purchase of HDD the first option will be suitable for games.

What is a cache memory on the hard drive?

Usually HDD are delivered with additional a cache memory, built in the store, for increase in speed of loading. Disks from 32 MB or 64 MB a cache memory are ideal for the maximum productivity. But in certain cases huge volumes a cache memory aren't necessary and the choice of the hard drive can be limited 8 MB or 16 MB. What size of the hard drive is suitable for the game personal computer?

When choose the suitable device, focus the size on specific needs. If inquiries exceed usual game characteristics, PC users address hard drives on 2TB. But for most of gamers of 1TB perfectly serves, especially, at addition of an additional or external disk. What

the hard drive is considered the most reliable in 2018?

Traditional devices a little more slowly than modern analogs and as any mechanism, become useless. For replacement of HDD on the game personal computer it is recommended to adhere to the known brands, such as Western Digital, Seagate, Toshiba and Hitachi which have the lowest indicators of refusals in branch in general.

Why stores are popular against the background of innovations?

use Internal hard drives for storage of all types of files, including images, video and documents. As the majority of the personal computer sold in the market today, as a rule, one-disk it means that all the programs are installed in one storage together with ра



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