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Happiness buttons: how to attract good luck

Happiness buttons: how to attract good luck
The fall already came into the own, and time to arrange audit in a case and to change seasonal clothes. Often happens it is necessary to sew the lost button, to rearrange a fastener or to replace the bothered boring buttons with beautiful new.

At all the ordinary these simple round objects which are perceived by the modern person only as a necessary and functional accessory, long since were considered as the strongest charm.

Earlier ancestors said that the button went from a word - "to frighten". The very first copies justifying this name were made in the form of metal balls with prisoners inside the small objects publishing a ring at the slightest movement of the owner. This ring was also designed to save the person from misfortunes and troubles.

After a button turned into object of jewelry art, making of precious metals and decorating with gemstones.

Was considered, the buttons more sparkling on camisoles and dresses of aristocrats, the class position and prosperity of their owners is higher. The peak of popularity of a button is endured during the period since century, XVII to the 19th century. With them not only dresses, but also objects of men's clothes everywhere dazzle.

But very few people know, sewing of a button can be turned into the real magic ceremony attracting good luck, love, success in affairs, friendship and respect of people around, creative rise. by

to Make it as easy as shelling pears, the main thing - to approach it with a positive spirit, sincerely hoping for execution of all the desires. How to sew a button on good luck and what recommendations need to be followed, we will tell you now.

Exist various signs about buttons: if the button was lost, it is necessary to be more attentive to avoid troubles; if it was clasped not on that button, it is better to undo all fastener and to quietly perestegnut it anew. some women consider that, sewing buttons to men's wear, they thus attach ("sew") the man to themselves. you should not sew buttons on yourself that "not to sew up memory". And here dream book says: if at night buttons dream you, it will be necessary to interpret a dream correctly; if there are a lot of buttons: - it to money; if you sew them - means, you will manage to set the achieved result; if in a dream you clasp them - finish earlier begun business. You will find a button - to success in affairs, positive changes if she uniform - you waits for success in career. What buttons to choose

on good luck?

to attract wealth - choose the buttons decorated with precious stones.

long to live and be healthy, magicians advise to use a tree and ceramics and also stones suitable on a horoscope.

now hardly sell Stone buttons therefore it is necessary to take a file and to turn independently round or rounded preparation, and then also to do in a hole button, surely four! with

to Attract happiness in family life, it is necessary to choose buttons from gold and silver.

of Good luck to you



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