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Guardiola sees in De Breyne's trauma... positive

The helmsman of Manchester City Josep Guardiola has said that Kevin De Breyne's trauma can bring benefit to team at late stages of a season.

having Hardly returned to a system after two months of absence with an injury of the right knee, in a match of the Cup of league against Fulham Kevin has injured already the left knee and now will pass at least a month.

Nevertheless, Guardiola doesn't do the tragedy of loss of the leading player. The Catalan trainer believes that "City" will cope with De Breyne's absence, in addition stay in infirmary will allow Kevin to keep freshness on a season ending.

"We are strong team with Kevin and without, but now we have to do without him and to be ready to help him when he returns.

All this that in our forces. I have been so upset when he was traumatized, but I didn't see him after the match yet. The doctor has told that Kevin has been upset too. Today he is upset less, and tomorrow will be strong again. Now he will be able to spend more time with the newborn son and the family.

I Hope, we will play two-three matches after the international break, and he will return. By that moment, I hope, we will reach the Champions Leagues the playoffs and we will continue fight for a victory in the Premier League.

It will help us at late stages of a season, it will be fresh reason and a body and will assist us in achievement of the purposes", - Daily Mirror quotes Guardiola.



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