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Groysman is ready to reach "gas" compromise with the IMF

The key purpose of all negotiations of the government with international financial institutions, including the IMF, - to reduce a debt load on the budget and to get rid of debt "fetters".

About it was told by the prime minister Vladimir Groysman, reports the Government portal.

"My strategic objective - to lay the foundation of repayment of a debt within the next decade. Here a task - to escape from debt fetters. And we are able to do it, the economy begins to be restored", - the head of the government has emphasized.

It has confirmed that one of points of such negotiations is the question of gas price for the Ukrainian consumers. "You know that there is a requirement of partners to level the price of industrial gas and gas for the population. It is a sensitive question for Ukrainians and for me. Heavy discussion. She goes since last summer. More than a year we held a situation. We will discuss an issue with the Mission of the IMF now, to look for a compromise to protect citizens", - Groysman has told.

at the same time it has emphasized that finding of such compromise will give the chance to continue cooperation with all financial world and consequently, to resolve an issue of a debt load.

In front of Ukraine will open possibilities of reloans, decrease in a debt load within realization of strategy of management of a national debt, the prime minister has emphasized.

It is known that the Ministry of Finance prepares for receiving a new tranche from the IMF.

the Mission of the IMF will arrive on a visit to Kiev on September 6. Following the results of a visit the decision on allocation of a tranche will be made.

the Key condition for receiving a tranche from the IMF is increase in prices for gas for the population to market. The prime minister Vladimir Groysman has declared determination for such step.

As was reported, the government has accepted the medium-term strategy of management of a national debt for 2018-2020. we Recommend to read

: The detailed schedule on internal and currency OVDPs



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