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Great Britain has refused to disengage troops from Germany

Difficulties of the Brexit. The transaction with the EU has to be ready slightly more than in a month, and there is no progress in negotiations everything. Why Theresa May's colleagues don't support her? And with what reservations Britain is going to leave the European Union? You look further.

All for the sake of safety in Europe. Great Britain has decided not to disengage the troops from Germany. The Times edition has reported that the Minister of Defence Gavin Williamson is afraid of aggression from Russia.

It has said that Moscow poses the same threat now, as well as at the time of "Cold War". Therefore London has refused the plans to completely bring the military contingent and the equipment out of Germany till 2020 as it was supposed within the Brexit.

Now in the territory of the Federal republic is based the British engineering regiment. It is the leading division of NATO for crossing of the rivers tanks on the place of the destroyed crossings. Also totals 200 soldiers with whom families live. Together with military there will be also equipment: amphibian cars.

will be assigned the same ground near the city of Paderborn To the British and shelter/storage on two thousand tanks. In a word, despite a Brexit, Britain will hold to the previous plan within defense of Europe.

process of an exit of the Kingdom of the European Union moves ahead hardly. At the last negotiations Brussels has rigidly rejected the main points of the proposal of Theresa May. Also many members of the same party of the prime minister don't support him. About 80 deputies are ready to vote against the offered terms. It seems that on the next collecting Conservative party at the end of September - to Theresa May - it is necessary to the leader hardly.

to bring the country out of the European Union, is necessary the agreement approved by parliament. The transaction on a Brexit has to be ready till October 18, at most - until the end of the year. I have rigidly criticized the plan of the prime minister and the former Minister of Foreign Affairs Boris Johnson, having compared May's proposal to "a suicide belt on the British Constitution". For as itself I have undergone criticism.



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