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GPU will undertake the fan of terrorists of Donbass Zhirinovsky: what is known of it

The Shevchenkovsky regional court of Kiev has allowed the Prosecutor General's Office of Ukraine to make special pre-judicial investigation concerning the LDPR leader Vladimir Zhirinovsky and two deputies of the illegitimate State Duma of Russia.

according to the press service of GPU, the relevant decision has been passed on September 18. The court has satisfied the petition of the party of charge. Investigation is connected with support by the Russian deputies of terrorists of DPR and LPR.

"Is established by pre-judicial investigation that the citizen of the Russian Federation V. Zhirinovsky, being in the territory of Moscow, in March-April, 2014 for the purpose of material security of the terrorist organizations of LPR and DPR has created and has headed organized group which part certain deputies of the State Duma of the Russian Federation and members of the Liberal Democratic Party of Russia, in particular heads and representatives of regional offices of this party who with the corresponding purpose carried out collecting money from citizens of Russia were", - it is told in the message.

according to department, two deputies of the State Duma in March-June, 2014 before journalists have called Russians for fund raising for material security of terrorists on Donbass, have provided placement of announcements on the websites of party and opening of points on collecting appropriate means in the Russian Federation.

Specified persons have concluded the agreement on material security of DPR and have provided to participants of the terrorist organization of the room in Moscow for representative activity.

"Further at the expense of personally brought property and money and also funds raised from citizens of the Russian Federation, the specified group under the leadership of V. Zhirinovsky at the request of the head of the terrorist Somalia group M. Tolstykh (a call sign of "Givi"), during 2014-2017 has carried out delivery to representatives of these criminal formations of 6 vehicles of the Russian production with the raised checkpoints and operational opportunities, separate of which were used during commission of acts of terrorism against military and law-enforcement units of Ukraine, in particular in the territory of the Donetsk airport", - have added to GPU.

In this regard is made the message about suspicion to Zhirinovsky and two deputies of the State Duma in commission of the criminal offense provided by the p. 3 of Art. 27, the p. 3 of Art. 258-5 (terrorism financing) of UK of Ukraine. For it punishment for a period of 10 up to 12 years of prison with confiscation of property is prescribed.

"Besides, on Zhirinovsky and his helpers the Decree of the President of Ukraine from 5/15/2017 No. 133/2017 has made the decision of National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine from 4/28/2017 "On application of personal special economic and other restrictive measures (sanctions)" which provides refusal in granting and visa abolition, application of other bans of entrance on the territory of Ukraine; blocking of assets and temporary restriction of human right to use and dispose of the property belonging to him", - have emphasized in



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