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Gorky Automobile Plant has shown new SUVs

After appearance of "the Gazelle of NEXT" also her more compact option, the minibus "Sable" had to appear. However while in Nizhny Novgorod don't hurry, teasing public with prototypes of the off-road equipment on the basis of the all-wheel drive chassis of the previous generation

So, on the forum "Week of National Security" the plant has brought prototypes of the cars "Sable 4х4" with a NEXT family cabin, an original body and a cowl. Cars are presented in options of the pickup and minibus. Besides, at an exhibition the universal mobile center on the basis of "NEXT Lawn", the car of emergency medical service (CEMS) of a class "C" (reanimobile) on Gazelles of NEXT base and all-wheel drive ASMP of a class "B" on Sables 4х4 base with the increased height of salon is shown.

according to representatives of the company off-road versions of cars on the Sable 4х4 platform could find admirers among fans of extreme travel and active recreation, work in agriculture, in oil and gas industry, in forest and hunting farms.

Cars are created on the Sable 4х4 platform with the kabinny module "Gazelles of NEXT" installed on her. The cabin of skilled "Sable" provides the high level of comfort, good protection against noise and vibrations. It is equipped convenient driver's and passenger with seats with anatomic support, five levels of adjustment and a lumbar podpor. The hummock drive (joystick) of switching of the transmission and electronic control by the transfer case increase convenience of management. Off-road preparation of cars includes

: the connected four-wheel drive, the lowering transfer, blocking of differentials of forward and back bridges. Instead of crosspieces of the forward bridge hinges of equal angular speeds are installed. The pickup is in addition completed with the winch hidden under the registration plate on a front bumper.

the Minibus is designed for six passengers and takes enough place for placement of baggage. In a two-row cabin of the pickup six passengers, and in a body - up to 800 kg of freight can also accommodate. In the basis of a body of the pickup the closed boxes for storage of the tool and other things are built in. The wheel base on prototypes is increased up to 3185 cm (in comparison with 2760 mm at standard model).

In the company say that the final decision on production of such modifications will be made after studying of potential demand and acceptance of the final decisions on a design and a complete set of cars.



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