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Ginger tea: dissolves sand in kidneys and fat around a liver

Unique drink!

a ginger Root very popular and useful spice, writes Real Farmacy. It strengthens memory, improves digestion and increases appetite, favorably influences a liver, strengthens a potentiality.

add Ginger to different dishes and also cook tea on its basis. Drink turns out very fragrant, saturated and picturesque.

are a part of ginger vitamin A, vitamins of group B and amino acid and also minerals (iron, potassium, phosphorus, zinc and magnesium).

Advantage of ginger tea.

Ginger tea - fine means for treatment of pains in muscles, colds, flu and headaches. This drink helps to destroy the virus causing flu, herpes and cold.

One cup of ginger tea a day considerably reduces risk of development of a stroke. The matter is that ginger dilutes blood, it complicates formation of blood clots (blood clots) which cork vessels.

Is irreplaceable ginger tea for weight loss - essential oils in its structure accelerate exchange processes in an organism.

For preparation of ginger tea is required to you: natural honey;? tsp of ground turmeric;? tsp of ground ginger; 1 glass of water. Easy way of preparation of ginger tea: fill in powder of a turmeric and ginger with boiled water, add honey then cover and let's infuse 15-20 minutes. Then filter tea in a cup.

can add different spices To ginger tea - cinnamon, cardamom, a carnation. Tea with ginger well warms and keeps heat in an organism, invigorates and gives energy. Surely include such tea in the daily diet!

is pleasant to you taste of ginger? How often do you do yourself such tea?

of Lazarenko Yuli.



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