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Game of Thrones: the review of the last season before the series final

NVO TV channel announced date of an exit of a final season of Game of Thrones, and fans strenuously remember all main turns of a plot of series. To facilitate efforts, we tell what was in the 7th season of Game of Thrones, and we remind what to expect from the 8th season which everything will place on the places.

the Final eighth season of Game of Thrones leaves in April, 2019. It will be 6 series everyone almost for 2 hours of unforgettable shows. Many fans thought of that before a season to reconsider all previous 7, and we facilitate a task. What was in the 7th season and that will be in the final of Game of Thrones - just read on Without the Taboo.

the Seventh season of "Game of Thrones" was quite original - Daenerys at last reached Westeros, John Snow returned Starkam fidelity of northern grandees, Bran Starck comes back because of the Wall and joins family, Cersei revenged murderers of the daughter Mirtsella, the Little finger suddenly grows dull, and Jaime Lannister rushes about between two fires. Let's consider the main subject lines which began to meet at last.

Sam Tarly and Bran Starck
So, attention is worthy Sam Tarly and Bran Starck's subject line - Bran's visions - the real spoilers, and together with information which is found by Sam, explain the past and bring to events of the 8th season.

We learn that John at all not Snow, but Reygar Targaryen and Leeanna Starck's lawful son who was saved from insurgents by Eddard Starck. Bran tells John about his origin. He mostly is silent, but in time squeezes several words, saving relatives from Little finger intrigues.

And the guy sends to the World home without wasting words, as if there were no all horrors that they endured together. The girl does not appear in a season any more, but it is rumored that she will be in the 8th season. Bran says that he is the Trekhglazy Raven, and all policy and a succession to the throne to it, to put it mildly, aside.

Arya and Sansa Starck
Arya and Sansa in the 7th season again together and to them a lot of attention is paid to
. In the beginning Arya appears as faceless, and Freyam for the Bloody wedding revenges, but then nevertheless reaches Vinterfell where at last restores the friendly relations with the sister, and helps it to deal with the Little finger.

On the course, we learn that in half of troubles which fell down the head Starkov the Little finger which not just dreamed of Caitlyn Starck was guilty, and wanted to appropriate more Northern lands. Sansa means well

, and it turns out as always - it constantly challenges each word of John, dropping his authority as soon as it is possible. Only at the end of a season we see that to it the real understanding of a situation came. However, all this occurs in due time - in the final of the 7th season sisters Starck and Bran bring the Little finger which suddenly lost ability to intrigues to clear water and get rid of the cult character.

Daenerys and John
begins with Daenerys's
the plan for conquest of Westeros - Lannistera suffer a defeat behind defeat. The whole series is given how Mother of dragons with small group and a dragon разгро



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