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Galkin returned from tours and went to "a sexual separation" from the fresh and looked younger Pugacheva - fans

Alla decided suit to the husband a surprise, in the form of new appearance. Now she does not look for 70 years at all, and is even younger than the 30-year-old colleagues.

Before return of the husband Alla took care of the own life and made to it a surprise in the form of the updated appearance. Several plastic surgeries forced Maxim to drop out of life for several days, admirers are sure. on November 10 Pugacheva declared

the public that she is ill. Because of an illness Alla even refused to perform at the concert of the kind friend Leonid Agutin. It led to nervousness among fans, the gravity of a disease remained the unknown. However, after Pugachev's recovery decided not to disappear and showed the real state of health.

A few days ago the singer Jasmin published the photo in which the looked younger and fresh Alla Borisovna was depicted. Both singers were published, attended a party in honor of a birthday of the granddaughter of Igor Kruty. Pugacheva chose an image of the sexy teacher for an action and looked Jasmin is not much more senior, at the same time many noted that Alla is even more slender than the young colleague.

Fans appreciated appearance of Pugacheva who next year will celebrate the 70-year anniversary. However most it was estimated by the spouse Maxim Galkin.

The matter is that recently Galkin returned from long tours across the USA and Europe. Just 5 hours ago Maxim published "hundred-rice" on which he rides a bike together with the son Harry near the lock, at the same time return of the humorist practically nobody noticed as it literally was gone.

The matter is that Galkin returned from tours and ceased to spread in the social networks in general any information though earlier willingly shared each step and a joyful event with fans. Admirers decided that Maxim was gone from social networks not just like that, the pier he went to "a sexual separation" from the from the fresh and looked younger Pugacheva.

the families which missed the head spends All free time only on family what "hundred-rice" testifies its short and laconic to.



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