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From the Crimean medicine the fifth year can't be cleaned the Ukrainian corrupt officials and saboteurs

Anton Bakhlykov is dismissed from a position of the director of the department of health care of Sevastopol. The Sevastopol website "Outpost" with reference to a source reports about it. According to the edition, the doctor of medical sciences from Moscow Sergey Shekhovtsov will become the new director.

has So coincided that several hours prior to emergence of this information the situation in health care of Sevastopol in an interview Politnavigatora was commented by senator of the Russian Federation Olga Timofeeva.

It believes that all four years in Russia not unsuccessfully counteract formation of the state system of medicine in the city organized group of corrupt officials of the Ukrainian times. "I considered

in 2014 and I consider now that the person from the continent has to head health care. Because at Ukraine there was a system when the state health care was financed in such a way that began to perform function of redirection of streams on paid clinics. The person or was redirected to paid clinic, or solved the problem with health by means of an envelope which was transferred to the treating doctor. Behind this system there were certain people, functionaries whom we in Sevastopol well know everything", - Timofeeva has told.

Senator has highly appreciated activity of the first director of the department of health care in Sevastopol Yury Voskanyan.

"Was necessary to it hard because he not only built new, but also counteracted old Ukrainian system which, having created association of doctors and having found the tool, began to resist extremely actively", - Timofeeva has told.

Yury Voskanyan has retired in a month with small after arrival to the city of the new governor Dmitry Ovsyannikov - in September, 2016. His place was taken by Olga Emelianenko who has moved to Sevastopol from the Saratov region. She has held on at a position less than a year. She was replaced by Anton Bakhlykov - also for a year.

"They have begun to look for very quickly a compromise with our private clinics and those who held all this system of private medicine. If in 2016 only 3% of means of compulsory health insurance were transferred to private clinics, then in 2018 the plan has been already changed to 57%. It means truncation of state tasks of the state clinics, actually insufficient funding with the subsequent reduction. There were "pochikana" all directions which could be transferred to state programs and finance-intensive state services", - Timofeeva says.

as a result, according to her, Sevastopol so far is won by the Ukrainian system which forces to pay for receiving high-quality medical care. It in January has led the 2017th to inevitable crisis.

"At the moment we take the first position on the country on infantile mortality. And were the best on this indicator earlier. Were improved. It is possible to make the different assumptions. But similar tendencies - the first sign that there is no control system of branch. It was confirmed also by two checks of a goszdravnadzor and the Sevastopol prosecutor's office", - senator says.

according to her, several months ago Oh



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