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From now on marijuana in Canada is absolutely legal

It is possible to carry at itself up to 30 g
in Canada Today the federal law on legalization of marijuana in the recreational purposes comes into force, BBC reports.

Canada will become the first among the states of the Group of Seven and the world's second country where sale, storage and cultivation of hemp are completely legalized.

the First such country was Uruguay which legalized marijuana in 2013.

Under the new law, sale of marijuana is allowed persons of 18 years. House marijuana cultivation - to four bushes is allowed. It is possible to carry at itself up to 30 g of the dried-up or fresh cannabis and also oil on its basis.

will be responsible For supply of hemp the federal authorities.

at the same time for illegal sale and distribution and also marijuana sale to minors still threatens term up to 14 years. The same term shines for the crimes committed under the influence of marijuana.

is forbidden to Import hemp from abroad, but tourists are not forbidden to buy and use a grass.

marijuana Legalization - one of election pledges of the prime minister of Canada Justin Trudeau at parliamentary elections of 2015. These elections became triumphal for its Liberal party. At them it got support of young voters in many respects because of a promise of legalization.

Within preparation for legalization of marijuana of the power distributed over the country 15 million brochures with explanation of new laws. However all the same there are fears, in particular, about readiness of constabulary forces to solve the problems connected with the use of drugs.

Many analysts, however, predict deficiency of a product in the first year of legalization because licensing and opening of new shops will take time. Perhaps, Canadians will be able to stock up on cannabis online. the Government predicts

that income from sale of marijuana will be brought by $400 million tax revenues a year.

By the way, medicinal marijuana is legal in Canada since 2001.

As to you such innovation?

Nikita Skorobogatov.



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