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From a ram to the vampire. As Tina Karol, Katya Osadcha, Lesya Nikityuk and other stars have dressed up for Halloween

In the night of October 31 for November 1 around the world celebrated Halloween. In Ukraine thematic parties have begun one week prior to this date. Many Ukrainian stars have taken an opportunity to try on on themselves an unusual image. "Country" has collected a photo of celebrities and public figures in Halloween suits.

Before others have reincarnated the ex-soloist of the Nikita group and the Playboy model Dasha Astafyeva and the rapper Potap. Together they have acted in a terrible photoshoot before the Tsarsky Halloween party. Alexey Potapenko has chosen a dress of the bloody pastor, and Dasha Astafyeva has tried on two images at once - nuns and vampires.

Many famous guests have come to a party based on the movie "Planet of Monkeys" to the restaurateur and the participant of teleprojects Nikolay Tyshchenko. The subject "Animals" was a dresscode of a Halloween action. Was not to recognize the owner - he has put on a suit of a big monkey, and his spouse Alla has appeared in a dress of a zebra.

Katya Osadchaya pleased friends and admirers with an unusual and bright image of the Aries.

C it photographed the comedian, the showman and the participant of the show "Dances with Stars" Yury Tkach who couldn't be recognized in a make-up.

After midnight on a party in image Merlyn Monro was glanced by Lesya Nikityuk who has found time, despite preparation of numbers in a new season of "Dances with stars". She popozirovat with Tyshchenko's wife and the ex-participating of the Nikita group Nanna.

the Psychologist and the participant of TV-projects Natalya Holodenko have chosen a dress of a bird of paradise.

Many party-goers have gathered on the COSMOPOLITAN HALLOWEEN PARTY 2018 party which has taken place in the night of October 31 for November 1. The participant of the Time and Glass group Nadia Dorofeyeva has appeared there in a dress of the Egyptian queen.

the Singer of MamaRika has beaten a vampire subject.

the Blogger Alexander Baraboshko has put on a dress of the pastor.

A of Ting Karol for Halloween has decided to become the White queen from "Alice in Wonderland".

hasn't kept from Halloween mood and the adviser to the Interior Minister Vladimir Martynenko. "And we with the companion just from evening jog", - he has written on October 31.



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