Date: 5 months ago   Category: Politics

Freedom isn't necessary to Russians: sausage revolts in the Russian Federation are simply shameful, - Arkady Babchenko

Where protests against the war in Ukraine, against the brought-down Boeing, against bombings of children in Aleppo and other crimes of the Kremlin? Meetings against raising the retirement age are protests for the sausage removed for five years.

In Turkey on protests on Taksim has died ten people. Fifty more were in critical condition. Everything has begun with cutting of trees. That is from the right to solve as where will grow. To be independent. Not from material benefits, not from pensions - from trees.

In Kiev on the Maidan has died hundred six people. Everything has begun with euroassociation. That is, from the right to define the future of the country. To be independent.

Is people went beyond freedom and advantage. Also have died for her.

All these sausage revolts in Moscow - they are simply shameful.

Not against murder of Ukrainians, not against occupation of the sovereign country, not against bombing of children in Aleppo, not for freedom, not for own advantage, not for own right to dispose of the life, the country, future.

For the sausage removed for five years.

Once again. Simply. Well. On fingers.

Where protests against the brought-down "Boeing"? Your country has killed several dozens of children. Where protests? Wasn't?

Where protests against Sentsov's murder? Your country right now, on your eyes, kills hostages. Klykh's consciousness was damaged from tortures. Your country has stolen the nineteen-year-old guy and puts him. Where protests? Isn't present?

Where protests against repressions of the Crimean Tatars? Your country terrorizes the captured people right now. Isn't present?

Where protests against the war in Ukraine? Your country right now, every day, kills Ukrainians. Isn't present?

Where protests against the cities which are really erased in dust together with all mirnyaky in Syria? Already nobody knows how many your country has killed people there - there it irons, already simply without sorting. In hundreds. Children. Hospitals. Shelters. Where protests? Isn't present?

But is a kokoshnik, Russia forward, Akinfeev - god's leg?

Have gone you far away with the protests against raising the retirement age.




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