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Free Morbidelli will be the 3rd factory pilot of Yamaha in MotoGP

Behind the presentation of new racing team in Paddock of MotoGP - Petronas Yamaha Sepang Racing, - has followed a press conference at which Lin Jarvis, the director of Yamaha Factory Racing has explained the mysterious designations "specification A and B" for Morbidelli and Cuartararo.

is officially presented To Silverstone all racing SIC Racing program, including new sattelit Yamaha in MotoGP.

during the presentation of the program concerning Petronas Yamaha Sepang Racing, Jarvis has said that pilots of team - Franco Morbidelli and Fabio Cuartararo will receive different motorcycles. What was discussed with SIC Racing before signing of the contract, so it is expanded factory support in much bigger volume, than had and have in Tech 3 Yamaha now.

Jarvis has confirmed that this support will concern all garage, but because of purely financial side of business the plant can support only one of pilots, and it is obvious that Morbidelli as he has skated year in MotoGP will be him and will be able to take straight away in <>
"Frankie definitely one of the most talented recruits, and in the future will become one of favourites of the championship therefore we want to give him such chance that he had no excuses, - Jarvis has told, - We will provide him with the factory equipment and support, as at Valentino and Maverik. Yes, this actual extension of the program of Yamaha to three official pilots as we also spoke earlier. It is possible to call it so".

"Specification A" - a factory prototype of YZR-M1 of model of 2019, same, as at Valentino Rossi and Maverik of Vinyales with all due support and upgrades on the season course. "Perhaps, not at the same time, but with the minimum delays", - Jarvis has specified.

Respectively, Cuartararo as he will be a beginner in MotoGP, will receive the motorcycle in the specification of 2018 - on what Zhoan Zarko goes now.

"Between two motorcycles will be an essential difference in the price, she depends on quantity of upgrades, engines and support. This choice has been offered by the Sepang, and we have completely agreed that the bike in the specification "A" will receive Franco. It will really give him good chance to shoot at once, from the first attempt. And I am sure that he will go much better to Yamaha, than on present Honda. But in reality, of course, until we see the first tests, we can't approve it! Personally I think that he will perfectly cope with a new bike" - Lin Jarvis has told.

of Lin has also confirmed that Vilko Zilenberg who directed Lorenzo's team, and after - Vinyales will become the manager of the team. Together with Zilenberg a new team will be passed also by the racing engineer of Vinyales serving before Lorenzo, Ramón Forkada. Such turnover of staff will allow Yamaha to provide a new garage with the greatest possible knowledge base and experience "here and now". Thus, three plants in 2019 will have

on 3 factory pilots (or factory supported that it is more correct): at Honda - Marques, Lorenzo and Kratchlou; at Ducati - Dovitsiozo, Petruchchi and Miller; at Yamaha -



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