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Four-day working week - whether it is real in Ukraine

The 8-hour working day was 100 years old. Technologies stepped forward and in many countries already begin to consider that the 5 days 8 hours format became outdated. May we work less today and who will benefit from it - the Informant Dengi understood. Scientists, as always, consider something by

. This time - working hours. the Research group of economists of the University of Oxford watched

change of parameters of duration of working week, happiness and efficiency of work of 5 thousand employees of 20 call-centers.

After a 6-month experiment direct link between reduction of working hours, happiness of employees and their efficiency was established.

So, short-term stimulation of good health of employees (chocolate, viewing of ridiculous videos) increases their efficiency by 8-12%.

Reduction of working week from five to four days at the former duration of the working day and payment increases satisfaction of employees thanks to what the week efficiency does not fall.

In fact, was proved that due to three-day rest employees are more productive within four working days and manage to carry out the same volume of work, as for five.

Results of a research was commented by professor De Nev: "I would tell that four-day working week is what is necessary for establishment of the correct balance between work and life and also for disclosure of potential of happiness from the point of view of increase in productivity. Such increase compensates reduction of working hours for one day". Also he pointed

to a positive example of the New Zealand company "Perpetual Guardian". Within 8 weeks their usual salary which is due for five-day working week was paid to 240 employees, but at the same time they worked only for four days a week.

as a result for 24% increased the involvement of personnel into performance of tasks, creativity and punctuality increased and also the number of hospital and early goings from work decreased.

Besides, the level of a stress of personnel decreased by 7% while motivation, the loyalty and feeling of expansion of opportunities at work considerably improved, and the general satisfaction with life increased by 5%.

Here is how the owner of the company Andrew Barnes who was his initiator commented on results of an experiment: "If parents who spend more time with the children work for you, really it is bad? In working hours employees are more concentrated on work, and in additional day off resolve the private matters. Besides, when in office at the same time there are less people, big rooms are not necessary".

About the reasons of success of an experiment was told by Helen Delani, the senior teacher of business school of the University of Auckland: "The motivation and commitment of employees to work increased as they were included in planning of an experiment and played a key role in development of how four-day week will cope, чт



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