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Found children's linen: Jackson's maid commented on sex scandal with a star

After issue of the scandalous movie about Michael Jackson "Leaving Neverlend" which is considered documentary, new details of scandal with the musician began to appear.

of the King of pop music continue to accuse of pedophilia further. And business reached that Michael Dekson's body can be exhumed to confirm all statements or on the contrary to disprove them.

If to rely on the words of relatives and that in due time investigation into the case of Jackson was made - it is possible to be sure for hundred percent that the performer is not guilty. However, new testimonies of witnesses speak about another.

So, Jackson's maid Adrian McManus decided to tell about strange things which happened in well-known Netlenda. Endrian worked with Michael four years - since 1990, and after a uvlneniye together with the singer's cook Filippm Lemarkom gave evidences against the actor.

In particular, told Dzhekosn's personnel about his harassments to 11-year-old Macaulay Culkin: "The right hand he embraced the boy for a waist, and left... I was shocked and nearly dropped French fries". Though, recently in the interview Macaulay said that nothing of that kind in their communication with Jackson was.

As was told by the maid, the atmosphere in the residence of the pop king always was very strange. McManus admitted that she called little boys special guests of the owner. According to her, Michael held them by hands, kissed, and those in turn fought for attention of the singer.

Moreover, the maid often was necessary to get children's linen from a jacuzzi of the performer and to find vaseline during cleaning in personal rooms: "Its and their linen floated in a jacuzzi in which they sat together. If linen was not in water, then it was scattered around a jacuzzi".



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