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Foreign assets of Ukraine appeared in a risk zone because of Kolomoysky

The satisfaction of the arbitration claim of structures of Igor Kolomoysky for arrest of actions and the ban on alienation of assets of three Russian banks in Ukraine can create conditions for similar actions concerning assets of Ukraine from foreign creditors.

is told About it in the publication of the Yuridicheskaya Praktika edition, Finclub tells.

"The decision of Court of Appeal of the city of Kiev and the potential address of collecting on actions and assets of the Ukrainian banks creates, first of all, risks for the state of Ukraine in connection with possible investment claims from the relevant banks on the basis of the same Contract between the Cabinet of Ukraine and the Government of the Russian Federation on encouragement and mutual protection of investments of November 27, 1998", - lawyers claim.

in case of creation of a precedent of collecting property and stocks of the companies connected through a share of possession of the corporate rights from government institutions of the Russian Federation "at the same time will arise risks for the companies and banks which are including indirectly, in full or partial state ownership of Ukraine if creditors of Ukraine make attempts to turn collecting on assets of such Ukrainian companies and banks, including in foreign jurisdictions".

at the same time in trials against Ukraine will be used similar logic and arguments, emphasized in material.

As are noted by experts in the international arbitration, the decision of the Ukrainian court, doubtful from the legal point of view, in favor of commercial structures of Igor Kolomoysky can provoke counterclaims to the state of Ukraine. Such actions can be taken within the Contract on encouragement and mutual protection of investments existing between Ukraine and the Russian Federation as the state of Ukraine did not provide protection of investments. we Will remind

, the Court of Appeal of Kiev arrested on September 5 stocks of Prominvestbank, Sberbank and VTB Bank in pursuance of the decision of Arbitration court of the Hague of May 2 on collecting from Russia of compensation for the real estate selected in the Crimea on the claim of a number of the companies connected with the former co-owner of Privatbank Igor Kolomoysky (Privatofis, "Everest Isteyt", Aerobud, etc.).

the Supreme Court opened on October 1 appeal production according to the complaint of VTB Bank in trial with the former owners of Privatbank.



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