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For children and adults: 6 best cough remedies and colds

At once we will tell that it is not necessary to self-medicate. Anyway it is necessary to seem to the doctor to do not pass dangerous symptoms of bronchitis or pneumonia. National recipes can facilitate symptomatology, in combination with the appointed treatment. Important: do not experiment with health of children. If you want to apply folk remedy to the child, consult with the family doctor. Approach treatment of cough responsibly and good luck!

One of the most popular methods of treatment of cough our ancestors had kalinovy broth with honey. It to be necessary for you: 1 glass of berries of a guelder-rose, 1 l of boiled water, 3 tablespoons of honey. Berries need to be kneaded and filled in with boiled water, to boil thoroughly 5 minutes. To cool and add honey. Do not add honey to hot mixture, high temperatures destroy useful properties. Know: pregnant women are forbidden to use a guelder-rose. As does it help

? In a guelder-rose there is a lot of vitamin C. Honey is vitamin-rich too. 3-4 times a day recommend to drink tincture on half a glass.

Raspberry jam
needs to fill in Raspberry jam with boiled water and to allow to infuse. Drink instead of tea. Than helps? It is considered that a large amount of vitamins. But the official medicine recommends plentiful drink at cough for the best otkhozhdeniye of a phlegm. A secret can in it?

Most often in vegetable broths put dry leaves of raspberry, blackcurrant, coltsfoot, flowers of a camomile and a linden. It is possible to do a mix of herbs or to use one. We fill in with boiled water, we insist, we add honey and we give on half a glass several times a day. Herbs can cause an allergy, is accurater with them.

Milk with honey and Borjomi
Warm milk with honey and Borjomi is fine at early stages of a disease when cough dry and bawls. Add to an incomplete glass of warm milk 1 h a spoon of honey and several tablespoons of Borjomi, well stir.

the Compress
the Most known compress which is done at cough in house conditions - potato. For this purpose the cooked potatoes with a peel are mashed practically in puree and put in a package, turned in a towel and put to a breast. With a compress it is necessary to lie down under a blanket half of hour. The compress has to be warm, but we do not heat, burns are possible! The compress cannot be put at the increased body temperature.

of Inhalation
Can buy the nebulizer and to do inhalations by medicines, and it is possible in the old manner - over a basin with water or the bathroom. The most known house inhalation: from a camomile and eucalyptus oil. Make a camomile and add 1-2 drops of oil. Sit half of hour over a basin with mixture. Consider: water has to be not hotter, and warm. Be not overzealous with oil not to do much harm. Are contraindicated to children and also adults at high temperature of inhalation with essential oils.



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