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For 99%: in Moscow winners of elections were named in & #039; & #039; Л/ДНР' & #039;

On "elections" the self-proclaimed Donetsk and Luhansk "people's republics" which are appointed to November 11, 2018 will be won by the acting acting as heads. to

Such opinion was expressed by the director of the Center of a political environment of the Russian Federation Alexey Chesnakov, having noted that "terror hasn't divided and hasn't frightened the people of Donbass", TASS reports.

"On the contrary, has rallied. Therefore with probability in 99% it is possible to predict Denis Pushilin's victory (the acting head. - An edition) in the DPR and Leonida Pasecnica (the acting head. - Edition) in LPR. In parliaments of the republics their supporters will receive the majority", - he has emphasized.

Also the expert has assumed that chances at the former secretary of Security council of DPR Alexander Hodakovsky or at Dmitry Trapeznikov who fulfilled duties of the head of "republic", scanty earlier.

"They yet not candidates. If they like the slogan of the school competitions "not victory, but participation", they can try, of course. But chances are insignificant", - Chesnakov has added.

according to him, elections will unambiguously take place, special sanctions separately because of elections won't be.

"These elections, strictly speaking, don't violate the Minsk Agreement. The package of measures signed in Minsk regulates only municipal elections on Donbass. Neither in the DPR, nor in LPR municipal elections were never held and aren't planned yet. It is bad for local democracy, but they should be reconciled with it as the republics have taken the obligation to hold municipal elections only by the rules agreed in contact group before "Norman Quartet" and OSCE", - the expert has explained.

He has specified that "elections" of heads of DPR and LPR aren't municipal therefore aren't connected with the Minsk process in any way and formally he isn't contradicted.



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