Date: 2 months ago   Category: Sport

Fonseca: We very needed this victory

The expert noted that fatigue of players because of a busy schedule was felt.

the Head coach of the Donetsk Shakhtar Paulo Fonseca shared the thoughts after a duel against the Luhansk Dawn (3:0) within the 24th tour of the Ukrainian Premier League.

the Portuguese noted that a game developed well in spite of the fact that matches of his team with the Dawn always develop hard.

"Was very necessary to us this victory. It is always very difficult to our team to meet the Dawn. Nevertheless we began very well and scored the first goal. The team was always very safe in defense. Then we began very well the second half, scored the second goal at very beautiful draw. We perfectly acted and on counterattack scored the third goal", - Fonseca at a press conference said.

"A game was very positive today. It is necessary not to forget that many players carried out a heavy duel against Dynamo. It was felt that children very much were tired".

at the beginning of the second half the field was left by Sergey Krivtsov who badly felt. Also the expert celebrated a game of football players who receive less playing time.

"Krivtsov felt not important. Already in a break to it it was not absolutely good and we decided to replace it. I think, it will be restored soon".

"Today all children proved to be at the good level. There were players who play not so much. For the Aunt this game was the first at all, for Solomon it was the second match which it began in starting lineup. Also Lari of Kayode which a lot of time did not appear in the field. But all of them held very good game. It is clear, that a lot more time that children added is necessary. But I am sure that they will undergo this process". Vernidubu port wine? Did not present yet, but I will surely present At the Portuguese expert the tradition after each match appeared to give to the rival's trainers port wine.

Also Fonseca noted that with Hocholava and Stepanenko everything is normal in spite of the fact that during a duel both players not very well felt. And finally the manager commented on the forthcoming duel with Dnieper-1 in the Cup. "With Hocholava and Stepanenko everything is normal

. To Stepanenk the ball in a face arrived, the head began to spin a little, but everything is already good. Hocholava also normally feels".

"Did not think of a match with Dnieper-1 yet. Today I will begin to study future rival. It is necessary to understand that it is a semi-final of the Cup of Ukraine, very important duel and we will try to present our best structure. Perhaps, some children were tired because of such number of matches a little, but nevertheless we will not depart from a task to reach by the cup-final. You should not forget that Dnieper-1 is also strong therefore we will approach this match as to the final".



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