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Fonseca: Any player of Shakhtar has to be constantly motivated

The head coach of Shakhtar Portuguese Paulo Fonseca gave an interview to the Enjoy Life magazine.

- Before you Shakhtar for 12 years directed Mircha Luchesku. With what thoughts did you come to club?

- With feeling that I should replace the person of the Shakhtar who made a huge contribution to history. Luchesku spent long time in team, and I came with absolutely other ideas of a game. It was necessary to understand the culture of club, its organization, to try to introduce the ideas and to make changes that the team grew and evolved. In club always treated me openly, and football players tried to accept my ideas and to understand what I see game model.

- you easily agreed to moving to the country which is perfect is not similar to Portugal?

- Yes. Shakhtar - world-class club, for me was big motivation to come here. At the same time, I did not know at all Ukraine and its culture therefore for me everything was new. I was well accepted and when there is similar, all becomes much easier. Here very much it is pleasant to me, good people here. Therefore adaptation took place simply and quickly.

- Now you can note what Ukraine and Portugal have the general?

- Is much in common in style of soccer, but if we speak about lifestyle, then everything differs. It seems to me, in Portugal more open people. But now I already got used to the new country and comfortably I feel in Ukraine.

- what difficulties you faced when headed team?

- I cannot tell that they were. But when you begin new process, in it there are always certain difficulties.

Players believed at once in my ideas therefore to me it was not difficult in new club. Continuous flights and games in the different cities became our main difficulties. We train in Kiev, and at first played matches in Lviv, and then in Kharkiv. We have no large number of fans. Of course, we feel that we lack their heat.

Shakhtar has What tasks for this season?

- Same as well as always - to win the championship and the Cup of Ukraine and to pass as it is possible further in the Champions League.

- As there takes place preparation for matches?

- Any player of Shakhtar has to be constantly motivated. We always have to win. Preparation for each match - deep work with a large number of details. Our task - to improve what did not work well in the previous game and will be prepared for the following duel.

In the Champions League the motivation of football players reaches the peak. But it is important to fight in each opposition and to win. We have a strategy constructed on our ambitions and desire to win.



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