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Flowers for St. Valentine's Day: unique bears from 3D roses

The well-known bear of Teddie is 20 years at the peak of popularity. It is adored by both adults, and children. Today there was an alternative to this known bear - a bear from artificial 3d roses. These products ideally combine originality of execution, classical design and modern materials. Each such souvenir is created from buds with 3d effect, in it is used from 500 to 1000 and more artificial roses from foamiran. A gift by February 14 First of all, a bear with heart from roses it is possible to present on St. Valentine's Day to the girl. This fresh and creative decision which will be appreciated by her! Unlike a banal bouquet of flowers, it will please your soulmate several years and practically not to demand leaving.

And such toy can be presented to mother, the sister or the kind girlfriend - so you will show the special attitude and will emphasize as far as all of them are expensive to you.

For the organization of festive actions of a bear from roses is just a find! They will decorate any room, it is possible to equip with them also a photozone, then guests will have more photo with such beautiful heroes. The practicality of such bears is that they can be used repeatedly. Why a bear not to present

on the most different solemn occasions and holidays? It can be not only on February 14, but also New year, a wedding, on March 8, a name-day, a christening and the Birthday. Such souvenir is much more original than fresh flowers which quickly lose the attractiveness and wither. Why the choice for a bear from roses? The bear created from the foamiranovykh of buds are bright destky memoirs. It is esthetic, will fit in in any interior. Such gift is really universal, it is a gift for any age. And it is reliable and practical: it will be soiled - just wipe with wet towel wipes.

the Gift remains several years attractive and does not lose brightness of color. However, protect it from direct sunshine. Still a year ago practically nobody, and knew already today these souvenirs about such bears - a fashionable trend. It should be noted quality of a product. Each bear is created manually, without gleams. Glue, safe for health, is used in work. The product does not exude chemical unpleasant smells.

U us such mgrushka are presented in the richest assortment. There are several options of the sizes of products: from 25 to 70 cm. Decorate them with bright hearts or bows, everything depends on wishes of the buyer. The wide line of flowers - from white is available... to black (choose also as such). It is possible to add a gift with "rafaelka", the Chupa Chups lollipops, chocolate or other sweets. by

From effective packing and to pleasant aroma - everything is created to cause unforgettable emotions! You can buy a bear from roses in the reliable company on flowers delivery of And to make it simply, literally in several clicks. Choosing the florist, previously get acquainted with comments on him on the Internet. So you will secure yourself against low-quality goods. Your purchase will present joy! To



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