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"Flight of a condor": a 100-year Peruvian melody which has conquered the world!

Performed by Leo Rojas.

This song knows everyone. It is one of the few songs during which sounding there is a feeling of flight and greatness. It is possible to listen to "Flight of a condor" infinitely, Leprechaun.Land considers. It has been written to

by the Peruvian composer Daniel Robles in far 1913.

But most likely, have thought up a melody even earlier, Robles studied and processed music of Indian tribes (Inca, the Quechua, Aimar, the Andean music).

That is this melody is more than hundred years old! And it still sounds and wins hearts. "Flight of a condor" is even recognized as national property of Peru.

Widely known it became in the sixties the last century when she was executed by group of musicians "Los Incas" in Paris. The song was heard by the American musician Paul Simon, and later he has appealed to group to use their soundtrack and has got official permission. The song which has found words now was included into the most successful album of the Bridge Over Troubled Water (1970) duet.

I a condor has departed since then to the world. The set of options of this melody has been created.

One of the most famous performers of "Flight of a condor" is the Ecuadorian musician Leo Rojas. He plays her on the sir flute. Thanks to her Leo has reached the final at one known musical competition.

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