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Five main female mistakes in a bed are called

Sex is not examination in which the main thing - to receive a good mark. Being given to instincts, we seldom think of the fact that during sexual intercourse it is possible to make something is not right. All make mistakes, in it there is nothing terrible. But repeating them every time, we not only do not eliminate them, and we fix, thereby methodically destroying any intimate proximity. Of what mistakes it is necessary to be afraid?

1. Often you say "no"

Quite naturally that you do not want sex 24 hours 7 days a week. You can be tired or not feel sexually, you can just not want, but it should not be on a constant basis. First, any absence at you sexual desire can be a disturbing call of problems with health, secondly - with each your refusal your partner loses self-confidence and in yours to it feelings. Of course, the love and sex are not same, but these two concepts are indissoluble.

2. You do not show an initiative
there Is no
, it is not its direct duty - to initiate sex and to make advances to you until you do not condescend. Show though sometimes activity and interest. In such action some pluses: you will have an intimate proximity when it is wanted by you, and if the initiative in your hands, everything will occur on your conditions.

3. Are too captious

Even if you by the nature the grumbler, try to constrain this habit during sex. Nobody wants to listen that it does something is not right. Regular reproaches do not increase your sexual appeal and his sexual desire at all. The person during sex especially we will wound and it is susceptible and if you so cannot wait to chat, tell something pleasant. From you will not decrease, and the partner will precisely blossom as a May rose.

4. You hope that it will make for you all "work"
Of course, the man likes to be the main thing in everything: both in the house, and in sex. But even they are bothered sometimes by indifference of the partner. Yes, he knows as how to do, but it is a little encouragement or initiatives of you will only decorate your intimate proximity with new, bright feelings. All know jokes about the girl log, all from them giggle and think that it not about them. If you lie as a starfish and with bored face you study a ceiling until your partner finishes, then we have bad news.

5. Emotional disrespect
for some reason often refuse to Men an opportunity to show the feelings anywhere. Perhaps for many it will also become a surprise, but the stronger sex also feels emotional proximity during sex and feels the need for its expression. He groans? It's cool! Tells gentle words? Remarkably! He wants to talk and poobnimatsya during sex? Just dream! Do not show emotional disrespect for the partner. If you neglect it feelings how you can count that yours will be heard and considered?



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